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10 Las Vegas Travel Tips: Vacation Hacks from a Sin City Local

Las Vegas is America's playground. Las Vegas visitors experience the trip of a lifetime in the city unlike any other. Bad behavior is allowed and often encouraged in #SinCity. The drinks pour all night long and... Las Vegas has legal #weed.

You can walk around the Las Vegas Strip drinking your bubbly, or whatever you desire... as long as it's in plastic.

#1 The Land of Legal Weed

Yes, Las Vegas has legal marijuana. To enter store and purchase, you must be 21 years of age and have a passport or ID. Download Weed Maps before your Las Vegas vacation weed delivery, map of nearest stores, and selection of marijuana before choosing dispensary.

Read local laws prior to travel and ask the dispensary for current and local laws.

#2 Prostitution is Legal... Kind of

While prostitution is legal in Nevada, it is not legal in Las Vegas. The nearest legal brothel is Sheri's Ranch in Pahrump about an hour from the Las Vegas Strip.

Sheri's Ranch will pick you up at your hotel or airport, free of charge.

#3 Travel to Sin City on Any Budget

Las Vegas is unique because it caters to all price ranges.

Excalibur offers low room prices, especially off season! You can snag rooms for under $30! Since most people opt to "Do Vegas" for just a few nights, you won't be spending much on your hotel if you're on a tight budget!

PROTIP: If you're only visiting #LasVegas for a few nights, only bring one carry on! It'll save you on luggage fees (most airlines include it) and you don't need to worry about any lost luggage. See bag on Amazon by clicking here. This is my favorite bag for quick trips because it has so many compartments/ pockets and has a usb port to charge your phone!

Looking for something a little nicer?

My favorite hotel is Encore at Wynn. If you stay at Encore, enjoy the pool. It's gorgeous. Encore and Wynn are home to world famous day and night clubs with world renowned entertainment.

While you're here, see a show. Le Reve is my top recommendation.

#4 Downtown Las Vegas

Most people don't know there are "two parts" of Downtown Las Vegas.

One side of the street is "The Fremont Street Experience." This is the side locals refer to as "the tourist side". See the street performers, shows, lights, zip line, naked women and men, and probably anything else you can imagine.

It's definitely... an experience requiring an open mind.

At the intersection of N Las Vegas Blvd and Fremont Street you'll cross over into an immediately calmer atmosphere filled with bars, dance clubs, great restaurants, and fun places to hang out like Container Park.

Here are my must do's Downtown:

  • EAT -- Brunch and Breakfast where chef inspired comfort foods are served in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Carson's Kitchen -- Gourmet burgers, flatbreads, and small plates with a rooftop patio for live music.

  • Downtown Container Park -- Shopping center built from shipping containers, plus galleries & courtyard with playground and eateries. You MUST go down the slides. I don't care your age-- it's fun for all!

  • Gold Spike -- A carnival-themed bar with life size games and free Wi-Fi attached to a nightclub and hotel.

  • Commonwealth -- Airy, artful cocktail lounge offering live music, DJs & rooftop bar, plus members-only "secret" bar.

#5 Bring Cash

No, not just for the strip clubs... although, you'll need cash there, too!

Las Vegas is a tipping community because the city revolves around tourism. This means a huge community of industry workers who all work for tips.

Want an example? Keep reading...

#6 You Really Can't Sit with Us... Unless you Pay

Most seating in clubs, restaurants, and around pools is NOT open to anyone... unless you paid the reservation fee. This is not always clearly marked. I witness tourists breaking this unspoken rule often only to be chased after for cash moments later... better to avoid this situation.

While we are on the topic, clubs charge minimums plus tip when you purchase a table. Practices vary. Make sure you know what is/ isn't included and what they'll be charging you for.

The prices you receive from hosts aren't always explained in full. Do yourself a favor and ask questions up front.

#7 Comfortable Shoes and Travel Accessories are Must Haves

The Las Vegas Strip is much longer than it looks. I'm going to say that again: The Las Vegas Strip... is... much longer than it looks. It's so important to bring comfortable shoes so you're not in pain during your vacation!

If your end up needing shoes once you're in Las Vegas, that's ok. There is plenty of amazing shopping nearby regardless of where you're staying.

Here's a few other important tips on how to dress:

  • Check the weather right before you come. Las Vegas has hot months and cold months. At night, it can get really cold. If it's going to be under 60 degrees, bring a jacket. Desert wind is cold.

  • Wear a crossbody purse or something close to your body. I wear this Calvin Klein crossbody. It's available in so many colors, it's small and easy to carry but big enough to fit essentials.

  • Bring an external phone charger with you when you leave. If you're walking around the Strip, your phone battery can die FAST if you're taking photos, googling, using maps, etc.

  • CASH. Always have cash.

#8 Stay Safe

Las Vegas is a big city with a lot of people. Be aware of your surroundings, make sure you know where your friends are, don't take drinks from someone if you don't see the bartender hand it to them, and always make sure your eye is on your belongings to avoid pick pockets. Don't walk with headphones in when you're alone.

These simple #traveltimetips will help you stay safe during your vacation.

#9 Sundays are for Brunch

Because who doesn't love brunch?!

Where to Brunch?

THE STRIP: Eggslut at the Cosmopolitan -- Egg-centric spot at Cosmopolitan serving classic & signature sandwiches, dessert & coffee.

DOWNTOWN: Esther's Kitchen -- Classic plates & seasonally-inspired creations are served in a warm setting with an open kitchen.

SUMMERLIN: Echo and Rig -- Refined restaurant & bar with a nose-to-tail butcher shop.

HENDERSON: The Stove -- Brunch with a view and enjoy modern, unique eats!

CALL AHEAD TO ALL LOCATIONS FOR RESERVATION. In Las Vegas, Brunch is typically served Sundays. Please click individual links above for specific times and locations.

#10 Uber is the cheapest way to get around town

Renting a car in Las Vegas is fairly cheap. Still, I recommend taking Uber as your means of transportation. Uber is pretty inexpensive (watch for peak prices) and Las Vegas has a lot of drivers so you don't need to worry about the long wait times you experience in some cities.

New to Uber? Click here for $2 off each of your first 3 Uber rides.

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