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10 Reasons to Vacation in Paris Right Now & 1 Thing to Avoid at All Costs

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Paris is always in season. If you've been, you'll agree. If you haven't, you must go. Experience the best macarons, Paris cafes, and a culture that leaves you longing for Paris long after you've left.

10 Reasons to Vacation in Paris Right Now
Paris is Always a Good Idea

the sights

Paris is well known for rich history. With so much to see in this beautiful city, you could spend months in the city learning history, seeing sights, diving into Parisian culture and still run out of time.

My suggestion?

Visit some sights you're interested in, and spend time enjoying Paris! Many people arrive in Paris to realize they planned exclusively around sightseeing. Paris still has a romantic feel! That means some of the best "sights" in the city are just that... the city.

the location

Paris, France is prime location if you're open to hopping around to different cities or countries during your vacation or plan a day trip.
Price it out. Is it better to fly or take a train? It will vary based on your locations.

Here are a few popular destinations from and to Paris are:

  • London, United Kingdom

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Italy

  • Spain

  • Switzerland

best vacation spots
Map of Europe

the locals

The locals are very welcoming. I've had help with everything from language barriers to directions.
With this being said, still exercise caution when speaking with strangers and always use common sense!
best vacation spots travel travel tips vacation
In my experience, the French are a friendly bunch!

the food

Can't say enough great things about the food in Paris! Beginning with the coffee, ending with the wine and everything in between. In Paris, the food is made with love you taste! Here are some spots I suggest:
  • Le Recrutement 36 boulevard de la Tour Maubourg, 75007 Paris, France +33 1 47 05 46 85

  • Pizza Gusto 218 rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris, France +01 47 53 01 85

  • Pepone 10 rue Lepic, 75018 Paris, France +33 1 42 55 60 15

french onion soup best vacation spots paris travel travel tips
French Onion Soup at Le Recrutement located at 36 Boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg, 75007 Paris, France

the desserts

It is no secret desserts in Europe are homemade, melt in your mouth, perfect consistency type of treats. In Paris, I always try plenty of tasty treats from the croissants to the eclairs. My number one dessert when vacationing in Paris is the macaron.

The best macarons I've found are at Lenotre at the Eiffel Tower and Pepone in Montmarte. I'd tell you my number one choice, but I can't choose.

You try both and let me know what you think!
desserts paris best vacation spots
Homemade Desserts in Paris

the drinks

With such tasty food and dessert, you know drinks in Paris live up to the hype.

I'm sure you agree when I say coffee is a necessity on vacation. With jet lag, timezone changes, and a hotel to check into sometimes you need a pick me up. The coffee in Paris is exquisite and filled with many flavor notes. The wine in Paris doesn't add sulfites. If you're used to drinking wine with added sulfites and find yourself with a headache from it, you likely won't have this problem in Europe. Italy is especially known for being conscious of sulfites. The homemade hot cocoa is out of this world.

If you drink wine in the US, try using wine sticks to remove sulfites preventing headaches from happening.
hot cocoa best vacation spots travel tips
Hot Cocoa at La Chaumiere en l'Ile

the metro

Use the Metro to easily navigate Paris. The Metro offers one way tickets for only a few euro. There are customer service desks should you need help getting to/ from your destination. Google Maps adds Paris Transit to your navigation once you're in the city.

If you've never traveled using a subway system, you can click here to read about the Paris Metro.

France and Europe alike have a great train system; take trains between countries to make the most of your trip.
moulin rouge metro paris best vacation destinations
The Metro closest to Moulin Rouge-- Abbesses

the fashion

Can we agree lingerie just feels better when purchased overseas?

Lingerie in Paris is one of my favorite purchases.

In addition, the boutique clothing shops are always a must. These little shops are sprinkled with designs from Italy, Paris, and more. You'll find a wide variety of one of a kind scarves in Paris.
lingerie best vacation spots

the architecture

In Paris, you don't just see the architecture. It's an experience you feel to the beat of the city.

the cafes

Paris cafes line the streets. In the winter you will find outdoor seating with heat lamps and blankets to keep you warm and sipping espresso.
best vacation spots travel tips travel
Artisian Boulanger in Paris


Use these tips to stay safe:

  • only take essentials when traveling

  • keep sensitive documents locked in hotel safe

  • keep copies of all sensitive documents and take photos

  • sit away from doors on metro

  • avoid being crowded/ distracted: these are techniques used by pickpockets to target you

  • hide sensitive documents under clothes when possible in fanny pack for travel with passport holder or something similar

Click here to read more about how to stay safe when traveling in Paris.

Do you have additional questions? Share them below.

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