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5 Easy to Implement Travel Tips for In Flight Experience

Flying brings out a variety of emotions in all of us. The excitement of landing at your destination. Fear of take off. A sense of calm because you know your xanax is about to kick in any moment... whatever the case...

there's that pesky flight.

I know you'll agree when I say we all benefit from better in flight experience using these travel tips.

Once I discovered these easy tips and began using them on flights, my experience changed. Today, I don't mind even the longest flights!

Keep reading to learn these easy to implement travel tips...

1. Travel Lighter: Just Bring a Carry On

Packing everything in your closet, including that shirt you haven't worn in like, uhm, 5 years? Yeah, that one... it may seem like a good idea, it's not. You're only hurting yourself and maybe your back! Pack LIGHT.

Truth is, in my life, I've gone both ways, packing too much and too little. Looking back, overpacking always cramped my travel plans much more. Under packing provides more bag space regardless of size.

How? Pack only a few outfits. I've used this travel tip on three week trips and so grateful I do!

Here's What to Pack on Any Trip:

  • 2 pairs of pjs (or none)! Sleep naked if you please and save some room.

  • Sandals to be dressed up or down to avoid packing heels, 1 pair of tennis shoes or water shoes ideal for beach travel, and don't require socks!

  • 5 pairs of underwear. 3 pairs of socks (if needed). 2 bras if needed.

  • 1 dress (only bring a dress if needed).

  • 1 bikini (2 for beach trips).

  • 1 sweatshirt or sweater (whatever you choose, wear on the plane so you don't have to pack it).

  • 2 pairs of shorts/ pants to be dressed up or down. 1 pair of leggings.

  • 4 shirts. Long/ short sleeve. T Shirt. Any 4 you'll need.

PRO TIP: To make packing light work, each night take a few minutes to wash dirty clothes. I've washed my clothing in many hotel sinks and showers over the years and it's worth it to be able to get up and go while traveling as much as it's worth it to travel with just a carry on!

2. Easy Access to Travel Essentials

Nothing worse than settling into your window seat to realize, "Shit. I left my headphones in my carry on in the overhead bin, and the guy beside me is sleeping... ."

Save yourself the hassle and pack your essentials in your purse or laptop bag and store it under your seat. Here's what I pack:

  • Passport and ID

  • Cash (in the currency you need)

  • Headphones and 3.5 MM Jack converter. Always pack a 3.5 MM Jack converter because many planes haven't invested in updating jacks. Make your life easy and pack one incase. You don't want to be stuck with a dead battery at landing because you couldn't charge your phone

  • Chapstick or Lip Balm to avoid chapped lips

  • Flight Approved Hand Sanitizer with Aloe. Keep your skin moisturized. Planes are known for causing dehydration. Avoid this happening to you

  • Travel size body lotion

  • Pen-- this sounds odd, but if you're going thru customs you can have paperwork filled out when you land

  • Peppermint essential oil to wake me up and keep me focused for after landing. If you feel groggy sometimes when landing peppermint will help you avoid that feeling

Keep these items on you while traveling. If you have to have any other items you use regularly, add them to this list. Also, make sure to clean your purse or laptop bag before departing.

3. Buy snacks ahead of time

Purchase a large water after security check points. If you're flying international and know you'll be fed, I still suggest purchasing enough snacks to get through the flight. If you have left overs, keep them in your hotel room.

I've found this to be beneficial on long flights especially because sometimes it's more beneficial for your body to sleep through meal times rather than waking in and out of sleep. On long flights, I purchase a full meal to take on flights (even when meal is included).

Water is a must. Dehydration on planes happens more easily because you're less likely to drink water. Avoid this happening to you.

4. Adjust your Sleep Schedule

Do you want to hit the ground running? Do you want to land at night and go to bed immediately? Are you returning home midday and need to stay up until turning in?

These are questions to ask yourself.

Adjust your sleep schedule accordingly the day before you fly.

This helps prevent jet lag and more easily adjust at landing. If you can't sleep on the flight based on your adjustments, have a plan for what you'll do to watch the time fly by during flight.

5. Set a Timer

As soon as you take off, set a timer on your phone with flight time.

This way you know how long it is until you land. There's nothing worse than continuously calculating how much time you have left on your flight.

We hope these travel tips help you enjoy your next flight. What tips did you find helpful? What do you do to make your flight experience stress free? Comment below!

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