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An Honest Answer to the Question on Everyone's Mind: "How Are You Traveling So Much?!"

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

You know that friend fresh off a jet from Asia and, wait... now in Europe and going to Greece next month? Yeah, that one. Travel Time Tips is here to explain exactly how they're doing it and how you can #travel more, too. Treat yourself. You deserve it, don't you?


Are you the person scrolling on #gram stopping on the insta model... on a beach, somewhere, exotic... with the most beautiful water, and, get lost drooling somewhere between "omg, how is that water so clear?" and "the sky... that's as photoshopped as her ass, right?"

...then keep reading because to illicit those feelings means #Travel is high on your priority list.

Can't relate? To travel the world, your money must be in order and a high motivation keep stable finances and a travel fund is necessary. Until travel is top on your priorities list, you likely won't make an effort to #travel.

Pay off Debts

If you're in debt, pay it off prior to becoming a jet setter. You'll be glad you did once you're on your way to financial stability.

Besides, once your debts are paid, you'll have extra cash in your pocket each month you can dedicate to travel. Use travel as your motivation to get your debts paid knowing you'll be able to enjoy yourself more once it's paid. Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness gives you everything you need to get debt paid ASAP. Consider multiple income streams as well. What can you do to stash extra cash?


Create a travel fund that makes sense for you and live by it. Add to it as often as possible. You'll be surprised how quickly you can take a weekend trip.

Here are a few tips to stack cash quicker:

  • cook at home and pack lunch for work

  • pay any debts putting more in your pocket

  • don't splurge on things you don't need

  • go out less

  • before making purchases, ask yourself if it's something you need

  • cancel all unnecessary auto subscriptions

If you're in debt, pay it prior to making travel a top priority. Once it's paid, travel with a clear conscious knowing you do not have sky high bills to tend to. In Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness he recommends the same.


Have flexible dates and times if possible. Plan to #vacation as far out or have the luxury of a truly remote office to make this happen. Flexible dates means scoring big savings on airline tickets and hotel rooms. Flexible departing/ arrival airport is great, too, when possible.

I once saved just over $2000 on a nonstop flight by flying into Los Angeles instead of Las Vegas from Barcelona. The four hour drive was worth it.

Check out this article to learn how to snag Cheap Airline Tickets on your next #vacation.

Travel Card

Assuming you're in the position to travel, get a travel card. They have amazing perks. Check out this article by The Points Guy to figure out which card is best for you.

I used this guide before deciding on the Chase Sapphire Reserve, and I love it. Don't take my word, though, read The Points Guy's article to guide you to the card best suited for you.

PROTIP: Do not settle on a card restricting you to ONE airline if you plan to travel a lot. Some airlines have a great card yet only travel in the USA. Imagine if you weren't able to use your points to go explore outside of America?

Career Choice

The reality is some people aren't restricted to limited travel because their jobs just allow it more.

I work in sales and can work remotely from literally anywhere. Sure, I deal with time zone issues and have experienced many working vacations, but that's how I, and a lot of people, choose to see the world.

If you're in a "9-5, weekend's off," kind of job then make the most of your few weeks off you have each year. When you take a vacation, city hop, country hop, or do whatever it takes to start marking spots off your list of #bestvacationspots list. Don't forget about your weekends. Some of my favorite trips have been 2 day weekend getaways. It's a great and affordable way to see the country and world.

Cheaper Travel Options

Search for deals. Fly discount airlines, research the cheapest form of transportation in your destination city, and be open minded to all forms of transportation during #travel!

Use apps like Hopper, Skiplagged, and Travelocity to watch and see deals.

Decide how cheap you're willing to go on accommodations.

Are you willing to do hostels? Tents? Five star hotel more your style? Any answer is ok, just know there are options for various price ranges when vacationing.

Day Trips

Still paying off debt? Work is restricting you from #vacation time in the near future? Not to worry. Plan a day trip.

What cities are nearby you'd like to visit? Plan a day or weekend trip to go there.

Day trips don't require a hotel stay and you can drive meaning you can pack food with you. If you're going for sights, this can be a cheap trip packed with great memories.

Are you a frequent traveler or would you like to be?

Leave Questions and Comments below and make sure to #Share this article to help other people wondering how the f*ck people travel so often!

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