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Day Trips are Our Summer Essential and Here's Why

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Stuck in a constant state of wanderlust? You've landed in the right place. No matter your vacation goals, packing in more day trips is a sure way to satisfy your travel bug right now.

For travel lovers everywhere, rising temperatures means making time for day trips. If you enjoy getting away, consider adding more day trips to your near future! Get in touch with nature, enjoy the open road, and explore some new spots!

Get Outside

We find ourselves stuck in the office, the house, the gym. What's better than getting outside after being stuck inside? At least for me, nature is my medicine. There's something enchanting about seeing how big everything is around us and really understanding how small we truly are. It makes our huge problems feel small in comparison.

Speaking of problems... today, people experience more sadness, depression, and anxiety than ever before. Getting outside and feeling the sun is a great remedy to help wash away the blues and could play a part in you starting to feel better. Shout out to anyone out there feeling this way. We've all been there, yes? You're not alone.

Take the scenic route. Explore new places and take your time getting there. Enjoy the day without rushing. Pack a picnic to enjoy at park along the way.

Spend Quality Time with the People you Love Most

Relationships are generally the most important thing to people. So, make time for those you love! Pack your friends, family, or significant other in the car and make their day with a quick trip spending time together doing something new! Create memories you'll never forget. #BondingTime

Getting out of the house and into nature with those you love is a great way to help yourself hit your body and soul's "reset" button.

Plus, what's better than bonding and creating new memories with those you love?

Find New Places in your Own Backyard

Are there places in your own town you want to go and never make time for? This is your chance. Haven't discovered them yet? Start asking friends and family for suggestions. You'd be surprised at how quickly you can come up with a Summer Bucket List for places to Day Trip. If you're exploring your own town and nearby, you can easily hit a lot in a day or go at a relaxed pace because you're saving time on the drive!

Plan a whole day to explore your own city and places nearby. You will be surprised how many interesting experiences you can find outside your own back door! Start asking around; you won't regret it.

Explore Nearby Places

What towns are within a few hours drive? Where have you always wanted to check out and haven't? What new places do you see that look interesting? Ask around. Make a list and start crossing them off!

This is a great opportunity to cross state lines and go somewhere you've never been!

If you make a habit of this, you can check out tons of new places. This is a great way to start traveling on a budget.


Speaking of budgets...

One of the biggest perks of day trips is it's inexpensive. Gas, car wash, food, admissions and entertainment at the most.

If you love to save money day trips are a great option. You can explore without spending a lot of money and breaking the budget!

Zen Yourself Out

We are constantly consumed by technology.

Stuck to our phones, tablets and computers.

Even our cars and homes speak to us. We are surrounded by artificial intelligence.

When you think about it it's actually kind of creepy, isn't it?

Taking time out for a day trip gets you back in touch with life outside of technology. Set the phone down. Look out the window. Breathe.

We hope these travel tips help you enjoy your next day trip. What tips did you find helpful? Comment below!

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