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6 Easy Steps to Skip Jet Lag your next Vacation

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

We can agree jet lag sucks. It interferes with travel and causes lost hours or even days of your precious vacation time. It's March and I can honestly say I've gone to five countries this year without experiencing jet lag. That's why I've created this simple list of hacks to put your jet lag days behind you and get back to your gorgeous vacation!


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#1: Check Timezone prior to Booking Plane Tickets

Take a moment to google timezones. See how many hours apart you'll be from your normal schedule.

If you're in EST and moving to PST, you're only switching three hours... simple. If you're in PST traveling to, say... Ireland, Spain or Thailand, you could be changing up to 14 hours. That's an adjustment.

#2 Book Flight with Evening Arrival

Ready to book your flight? Search and book evening arrival times even if that means departing at a weird time from home.

Evening arrival allows time for hotel check, dinner, time to unpack, shower, and fall asleep at night.

The key to avoiding #jetlag is to sleep normal the first night on vacation.

Even if you wake up through the night or don't get the best sleep, wake and go to bed at reasonable times on #vacation to avoid jet lag.

I've made personal sleep sacrifices... like the time I left at 2 am for 4 am flights, knowing it would be so painful yet so worth avoiding jet lag! Now, when I have to do flights like this, I use caffeine pills to stay awake. They're convenient because the effects last about six hours, no jitters formula, and you can take them on the plane.

#3 Do Not Sleep on the Plane...

I've experienced the best sleep of my life on planes. If you relate, this is a hard one! To avoid sleeping on planes do what keeps you awake: watch a movie, listen to an audiobook on audible, play a game, make conversation with your neighbors if they wish to talk, or do a word puzzle.

Whatever it takes to keep you awake during that plane ride. It's worth it to be sleepy when you land.

  • Netflix and Prime Now allow you to download movies and tv shows to your device available with airplane mode.

  • Receive Two Free Audiobooks on Audible for 30 Days by Clicking Here

  • Spotify allows you to download music to your device for airplane mode.

  • Download games to your phone that don't require network connection. (Candy Crush is a great example.)

#4 Adjust the Day Before you Leave at Home

What does this mean?

It means you are absolutely going to throw your schedule off on your home turf.


Because if you jump start your body's adjustment at home, book an evening arrival, and stay awake on the plane... your chances of jet lag decrease for vacation. See the trend here?

#5 Skip the Nap

The first full day of your vacation it's normal to be tired.

I'm not talking about the "take one more step and I'll literally fall asleep standing" kind of tired, I'm talking "I traveled all day yesterday and my body wants to take a nap..." tired. Big difference, yes?

If you feel tired throughout the first day or even the first few days, skip naps and save rest for night time. This can be easier said than done.

I use all natural caffeine pills on #vacation to help boost energy. If you're not into caffeine, that's ok. Take a few minutes to stretch or try sun salutations to wake your body up.

When on vacation, I stick to my normal routine practicing yoga each morning and meditating before bed. YouTube has plenty of great, free sources for both! I suggest Yoga with Adriene on YouTube for short yoga videos you can do quickly during #travel.

It helps tremendously with my energy. If yoga isn't for you, get your body moving for a few minutes in a way that works for you!

#6 Occupy Your Time

To avoid jet lag, keeping yourself occupied is key! If you're simply sitting around, you're bound to fall asleep. Try people watching in a cafe or taking yourself on an appetizer tour.

An "Appetizer Tour" is when you head to a few different restaurants ordering only an appetizer, and maybe a cocktail, to experience a taste of the food, environment, and ambience while experiencing more places than you could have otherwise!

Everyone's body adjusts differently to time changes. What works for me will not work for everyone. I hope you've found this information helpful.

What do you do to avoid jet lag during travel? Comment below!

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