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Step by Step Guide to Snagging Cheap Airline Tickets Today

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Never pay outlandish amounts for airline tickets again. Learn the easy way to score cheap airline tickets your next vacation.

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Step by Step Guide to Snagging Cheap Airline Tickets Today

Here are some helpful "go to" apps to score you major discounts on flights. There are many more out there, these are just the ones I've used and love to share with you based off my good experience:

Concluding this article, I share my favorite things

about each app listed so you can decide for yourself

which apps will suit your needs best!

For the purpose of this demonstration, today we will be using Google Flights. I highly suggest checking Google Flights results against the above named applications.


On your computer or tablet, go to Google Flights

We all relate when I say... we've been on a hard to navigate travel site... it's frustrating. Google Flights is simple to use. The up front pricing helps users choose the best day and time to travel.


Search your airports and estimated dates. This technique works best when you have flexibility. I've had to use it in a few pinches ...

... like the time my friends and I missed our flight home to Las Vegas and got stuck in Barcelona...

or the time we accidentally booked a ticket from London to Dublin the correct day and wrong month.

Who can relate?

The good news? I've learn from my mistakes and if you've been in a similar situation, cheers to you because I'm sure you have, too.

In this example, we used #LasVegas to #London and found a one way ticket for $270 March 30th. When searching for cheap airline tickets, use these techniques to score better deals on your vacation:
  • Search round trip.

  • Search one way. Which of the two gives you a better option?

  • Have flexible dates when possible. Can you move dates or times for a cheaper airline ticket?

  • Are you traveling to more than one vacation destination? Fly out of a different airport than you flew into if you find a cheaper airline ticket for your vacation.

  • Keep an open mind when searching!


Compare, compare, compare!

Before booking take a moment to jump on a few apps like Hopper, Skiplagged, and Travelocity.

Do any of them have better deals for your destination if you fly from a nearby airport? This can save you huge when your plans are flexible.


Book your flight using these tips:

  • Check airline and country guides for liquids, chargers, etc. and figure out the smallest amount you can bring. I've been doing this long enough I travel on two week trips with just a carry on. Finding a bag you can take on the plane will save you time and energy allowing you to check in online, skip the airport desk, and get on/ off the plane quicker. Vacation with just a carry on isn't everyone's idea of a "vacation" at all. If just the idea of vacationing this way makes your skin crawl, don't do it. It's just a suggestion I prefer.

  • Don't pay to pick your seat. Airplanes are uncomfortable... I get it. By not picking your seat, you save.

  • Bring your airplane essentials on the plane rather than buying them once you board (blanket, charger and universal ports, travel pillow, and a travel case for electronics are always on my list). I use a large scarf as a blanket. One less thing to pack and it serves multiple purposes.

  • Once you arrive at the airport, bring a large water and any snacks you'll want on the plane for convenience.

Comparing apps against Google Flights is so important. Can't stress this enough. On a recent trip, I booked my flight home using Skiplagged and outbound using Google Flights.

So, which app is best for what?


  • You have some time before my trip comes up.

  • In last minute situations, still check Hopper knowing it's ideal for trips with wiggle room!

  • Hopper uses flight predictions showing you when to book.

  • Hopper notifies you when the cheapest flight is predicted so you can "book now".


  • Skiplagged's tagline says it all: "Our flights are so cheap, United sued us... but we won." and it's a true story. You can read more about it here.

  • Skiplagged uses "hidden city" and is the only platform doing this. Hidden City means you are getting to your final destination using a loop hole... perhaps on your flight from LAX to Barcelona, the last stop is actually Ibiza. You still get off the plane at Barcelona, saving you money. The airlines don't like this.

  • Skiplagged suggests not checking bags because typically you're not getting to your final destination. The website suggests bringing your passport, checking into visa requirements, and more. It's important to read FAQ before deciding to book with Skiplagged. I've always had a great experience with them, but it's not for everyone.


  • Travelocity is likely the most known on this list.

  • Travelocity provides outstanding customer support. They have a phone number and are easy to get in touch with.

  • You can bundle hotel, vacation deals, flight, car all in one spot to see if it saves you.

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